Review, The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson


Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends, 

This time i will review this book The Unexpected Everything that took a view long days to read it because i think this book quite thick for romance, youngadult kind of.

I gave ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars for this book, at first honestly i got boringness because the book is too detailed, seriously this was the first book i read from Morgan Matson, and i thought probably her books had that type like that too, but i didn’t  know, i would look into it. That my cons, and pros that made me keep going reading this book because the contents were so good to be read by especially for the teenagers, so many lessons that you could get like the relationship between your parent, friendship, and lover, how you spend your free day and all the possibilities you could get in unexpected circumstances. 

At first about the friendship that she gave everything on the first place than anything, it was good! She gave the good examples that we couldn’t just stay doing nothing when our plans didn’t work out, like the tittle of the book The Unexpected everything, you would get the other interesting things than you had had expected before. 

Short story: 

Alexandra (andie) the daughter of politician without mother who had leaved her forever five years ago and she had to deal with the fact that her plans for the summer didn’t go well like her expectations. So she moved on with the possibilities that would give her ‘could spend the rest of the summer with the useful things’ after getting the job as the dog walker she got the unexpected everything, she could be closer with her father who has a long time didn’t give her the attention because his work, the relationship with her friends are getting better, meeting someone whom she didn’t expect before, the best selling author Clark, who became her boyfriend at the end. At first he just something red herring for her, filling her summer like ‘what was the use of boyfriend for her’ all this time, like she used to be. But it felt wrong for her ever since he came to her life, she knew he was different from all her exes she had till realized he is the one. The cute thing, when someone acted strange when you were falling in love like Clark had,

“Wait . . . ,” Clark said, starting to reach toward me, but not before I realized that I had actually picked up his phone—and on his screen, I was looking at the last page he’d had open. I blinked as I stared at it. My dad’s official portrait looked back at me from his Wikipedia page. “Sorry,” Clark said, and I could hear the embarrassment in his voice.”

Sometimes the relationship between your friendship didn’t always all went well, there were up and down moments between her three bestfriends that you would know from this novel. 

We would know the side life of the writer from this story, what Clark had 

 “I keep trying, but it’s like there’s nothing there. I’ve even tried writing other stuff, other than my series, and it’s not working. So I’m left with the conclusion that I really might be done.”

About the cover, it was cute! This had a connection with the story in it that Andie liked eating ice cream when it came she had a bad mood, and she was a dog walker for her summer and it was photographed awesomely – 4/5 stars for it

The contents were so good, like most of teenagers out there the story behind it could give you lessons and these were common problems that usually around them, possibilities you could work out and all – 4 stars

My conclusion is 

not all your plans would work well like you expected so you had to move on to the other things although maybe it didn’t interest you and just did it well you would have never known the possibility behind it could give you the pleasure at the end.

So thank you for reading also check out my other reviews from my old readings on my Goodreads 🙂

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