Review : One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends, 

“It breaks my heart to be loved like this, to be loved so purely that I’m capable of breaking a heart.”

I have just finished this book, i gave ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars definitely! It’s been so long I didn’t give my full stars for the book i read, and it’s time! I got many emotions when i read this book, i keep crying when i read into line to line. From the beginning till the end this book would give you like love lessons. As romance, of course usually you will get something nudity or porn included. But this book is pure about the storyline. Although yup it still exists but not too much and fit.

That made me cry how sweet this book was! you fell in love with someone that love you back, and never thought about having two people that love you truly like that. Seriously i wanna keep talking a lot about this adorable book. Jesse and Emma is my future  relationship goal! * but of course on the past of them not in their future*. Facing the world together, traveling across country even continent. It’s just goal! When you wanna a book that lead you into the true romance, this book absolutely i recommend you. But just be aware you will cry over when you traveling the page into the page. 

But i’m still so sad with the ending, but it has the explanation why the ending had to be like that. 

I think i have to start to read the old Taylor Jenkins Reid books and i start to be a fan of her! 

Like i have just told you before, this book will guide you into the lessons about love, that true love doesn’t always last, it doesn’t have to be for a lifetime

“Falling out love with someone you still like feels exactly like lying in a warm bed and hearing the alarm clock”

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you the most romantic part of love is the beginning. The most romantic part is when you know it has to end.”

This time i won’t make a conclusion of the book i read, because this book is just perfect and too much will give you so many lessons and of course you can take a note of it.

Thankyou for reading 🙂 just find out more reviews from the book i have read before on my Goodreads 

Xx, Cikita/ The Black Veil One

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