Review, P.S I Like You by Kasie West

Dear Reader and My blogger Friends,

It’s been long time i didn’t write here, and more active on my first blog, because a lot of stuffs had to be shared on The Black veil One and finally get the urge and finished the latest book from Kasie West, i bet August is adorably my reading time! because, a few of my favorite Author released their book, i can’t tell it this time but i will read those all! and giving the review with those newest that happily have been in my hands.

Okey i have always like the idea of the storyline that was offered by Kasie West, The actual teenage story ! didn’t serve porn, nudity, and pure about how you have to deal with in your adolescent. That’s why i always waited every new books that came from Kasie West, and served the sweet story. and once again and again of several her books I absolutely loved this book as well! and it always proved about this story that

“Don’t hate The People too much, because someday you will fall so hard with the one you used to hate”

I give 4 stars on Goodreads for the novel, you know the full stars for me it would be something never last in my mind about the story, and you know what i mean if i give that stars don’t you.

Lily Abbott, like other fellow ordinary teenage girl that usually going to school, doing her homework and luckily had a best friend, and their friendship was strong. sometimes she had to deal with her number one enemy Cade Jennings that her best friend – ex. when two of them met, they always threw their insults each other. someday lily found out a note that was under her table on chemistry class and she had know idea who was that note from until it became their routine every boredom chemistry class their got.

Actually i have expected a lot for this book would be more awesome from entire Kasie West, but of course i still like her books. on the early chapter i always could guessed where this book went with the early parts, and yez what i thought was true, the story would have the ending like that. and what i liked from every Kasie’s books she always put the storyline in the circle of friendship, family, lover in good connection into the story. that made every young adults have to read her book as excuse to learn from it. so far i read her books i thought she offered a easy reading that could be received from all the readers, but that’s the point.

i think that’s all my review for this book

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Xx, The Black Veil One

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