My #50-Goodreads Reading Challenge 

Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

i have just finished up my reading challenge on Goodreads, in 50 Books at first i didn’t imagine before i would be that nerd, started on January this year i read P.S To All The Boys I’ve loved Before, from the moment on i looked for and liked kind of young adult, romance genre to my reading. i closed my reading with one of my anticipated reading on  August ‘It Ends With Us by Renee Carlino, You could find out my review on my Goodreads account or in here in my Pile Of Books Pages

and here they were my readings so far,


20698530      img_1945       390143

Review                                           Review                                        Review

  img_3947       12294652        18392495

  Review                                      Review                                        Review

24378015       24422492    25454883

Review                                       Review                                       Review

25111004         24445517       23587984

Review                                         Review                                      Review

20309175       17788401      22609310

Review                                      Review                                         Review

15717943       17340050        18593175

 Review                                      Review                                      Review

22522202       25311215      29610595

Review                                      Review                                      Review

17824638         16034964      16172634

Review                                     Review                                     Review

5821978        6584188        8680278

Review                                      Review                                     Review

13372690       15784909      13496084

Review                                             Review                                                Review

23309634      18334246      19507801

Review                                       Review                                      Review

18660447         28560969       18280662

Review                                          Review                                     Review

17228280       29341925      29341927

Review                                      Review                                      Review

29341930        img_2910        29801264

Review                                      Review                                     Review

img_1781-5     30337352     18003300

Review                                   Review                                    Review

img_1814     img_1854     img_3701

Review                                   Review                                  Review

img_3931           img_3930

Review                                            Review

So, see you in the next my reading goal i set up my next reading into 70. I mean next 20 reading.

Thankyou for reading my quick post 🙂

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Xx, Cikita / The Black Veil One

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