Book Review, Between Our Eyes that Fall by Shihori Obata

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  • Published : July 25, 2017
  • Pages : 81 pages
  • Genres : Poetry
  • Format : Kindle Edition
  • Goodreads : 4.29

Dear Reader and My Blogger Friends,

Sorry for my MIA, i think it was so often, i really sorry but my read still good, you can check out my reviews of latest reads from my Goodreads account :).

and this time i will give you a little review from one of my favorite poetry book, and the author herself gave me this beauty in exchange of a honest review, so here is what i thought, and thankyou for Shihori Obata for letting me know your amazing work :).

at first i will give you one of my favorite line, wait did i say ‘one of’? exactly ! because i could barely count how much i gave the marks on this book, the words were so beautifully written, so much meanings but deep, i finished it right in early month in one sitting,

Past and Present

Do you remember the past

When the snow came down fast and the world was cold and our eyes blinded white from start to end

I can’t remember anything after that but

In this moment, you are warm ………

that’s a little pieces from my favorite,

Summary from Goodreads

“There’s a feeling that’s not mine – But this is where i live.” “Between Our Eyes that Fall” is a collection of poems that explores the inner world. written with the intention to breach barriers of the mind and test the soul to feel once again.

and this book is live on Amazon! just go get the copy!

and i give 4 starts to rate!

Thankyou for reading 🙂

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Xx, Cikita / The Black Veil One



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